The Top 10 Comedy™ Kids Rules

We’re so excited that you want to have a Comedy Kids™ fundraiser! You’re going to have a super fun time and bring awareness to a worthy cause. Our moms told us we had to follow some rules when we set up our joke booth (like not tell bathroom jokes) and we need you guys to follow them, too.

When conducting a Comedy Kids™ fundraising event to benefit a non-profit charity, event organizers – kids and parents - are expected to adhere to the following guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines will help you to have a positive fundraising experience. By holding up the good Comedy Kids™' name you ensure all of the future Comedy Kids™ will receive respect and well-deserved attention. Here’s what we expect from Comedy Kids™ around the country:

  1. All Comedy Kids™ events must raise money for a certified, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (“Approved Charity”). In addition, Comedy Kids™ reserves the right to turn down fundraising campaigns that do not complement the mission and image of Comedy Kids™.
  2. All funds collected through a Comedy Kids™ event must be provided directly to the Approved Charity. It is the responsibility of each individual Comedy Kids™ campaign to ensure that all donations collected by any means other than a direct donation through the website of the Approved Charity are in fact received by the Approved Charity.  Comedy Kids™ event organizer(s) shall not benefit in any way (other than goodwill) or retain any portion of event-related proceeds as personal profit or compensation for any services.
  3. The Comedy Kids™ name and logo may be used only with the prior written approval of Comedy Kids™. Once you receive an email confirmation that your event and charity is approved, you will be able to use the name and logo in your marketing materials as long as such marketing materials are appropriate and consistent with the mission and image of Comedy Kids™. 
  4. It is important to disclose to anyone who makes a donation to your fundraiser that Comedy Kids™ is not itself a 501(c)(3) charity, but rather a platform providing fundraising and awareness for your Approved Charity.  Comedy Kids™ does not provide tax acknowledgement letters and has no responsibility for the provision of such letters.  Any tax acknowledgment letters are solely the responsibility of the Approved Charity.
  5. All Comedy Kids™ fundraising events shall comply fully with all relevant local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.
  6. All Comedy Kids™ fundraising proceeds and associated paperwork shall be submitted to your Approved Charity within 30 days of the event date.
  7. Any materials received from Comedy Kids™ may not be sold, reproduced, distributed or exploited in any manner without express written approval of Comedy Kids™.
  8. All Comedy Kids™ event organizers agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless Comedy Kids™ and its creators, principals, founders, officers, directors, agents, successors, affiliates, heirs and assigns against any and all liability, damage, loss or expense incurred by or imposed upon them or any one of them in connection with their Comedy Kids™ event.
  9. You acknowledge that you have reviewed the Comedy Kids™’ Terms of Use and agree to abide by such Terms.
  10. Have a blast! Tell jokes, see people smile and make a difference in the world.