What do you get when you cross two Third Graders, some side splitting jokes, and a fundraiser?


Eight-year-old friends and classmates, Max and Alex, originally created Comedy Kids™ in 2016 to raise much needed funds for pediatric brain cancer research. When Max’s little sister, Scarlett, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the twosome was compelled to take action. They began telling jokes to fellow students in exchange for donations to charity. When kids began donating bags of allowance money, the duo decided to take the show on the road.

The funny guys’ first gig was held at their local farmer’s market and raised a whopping $18,000 for their cause, A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure. Suddenly friends, family and neighbors asked if they could be Comedy Kids™, too. Everyone wanted a piece of the fun and fundraising! It was obvious they had created an innovative, simple and lighthearted concept that is a great way for kids ANYWHERE to raise money for ANY cause they find personally meaningful. No matter what a child is interested in there is a charity to match - animals, the environment, and global hunger – anything.

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Max credits his sense of humor to his grandfather who  is “probably the funniest person on earth.” He is also inspired by Will Ferrell, The Three Stooges, Austin Powers, Billy Eichner and Jimmy Fallon.

“When my sister got sick with cancer it felt like my responsibility to help raise money for cancer research. Being funny is a big part of our life and it helps us not feel so sad. I like how jokes come to life when I tell them.”

Original joke by Max:

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Alex's comedic influences include Uncle Joey Gladstone of Full House fame, Carol Burnett & Tim ConwayMork from Ork, Ellen DeGeneres and Gil Faizon. His favorite comedic style is slapstick.

“We can make the world funnier and a happier place where people are going around the streets caring for each other and telling each other jokes. We would have such a good place to live! I want that for our Earth.”

Current favorite joke: