Want to help empower kids to be philanthropic?


To launch a Comedy Kids™ fundraiser all a child needs is a big heart, determination and the knowledge that efforts big and small can make a difference.


Everyone who registers to become a Comedy Kids™ receives a kit that includes:


2 official Comedy Kids™ t-shirts
1 set of 300 Comedy Kids™ joke cards
And, Groucho glasses, of course!



The cost of each kit is $50. It’s not a huge investment but we would like to keep these kits free of charge to our participants. That way there’s no money out of a family’s pocket and they can focus all of their efforts on doing good deeds.


*All money donated to sponsor Comedy Kids™ kits covers the kits at cost (contents and shipping fees). This is not a tax-deductible donation.
If any money is leftover after covering the cost of goods and shipping, it will be used towards funding future kits or donated to charity.